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About Gilbert Industrial

Gilbert Industrial, Inc. was founded in 1988. It was the brainchild of William DeGroote, who first started as a weld engineer for Heintz Corp. in Philadelphia, PA, working alongside his father Gilbert DeGroote, who he named his business after. After leaving Heintz Corp., he came to New England and worked for Thomson General in Waltham, MA as chief weld engineer for several years. He then decided to open his own resistance welding business, which he started out of his home in Pepperell, MA. As the business grew, Bill did not only offer service to the resistance welding industry, he also started to rebuild resistance welders at his new facility in Lomar Industrial Park, Pepperell, MA. With the help of his father, who traveled to Massachusetts every other week to work and his brother John, who eventually became a full-time employee, the business grew, and now provides sales and service to customers all over the world.


Gilbert Industrial, Inc. has two locations, one in Pepperell, MA which includes manufacturing, as well as administrative offices, and one in Piedmont, SC, which includes corporate and engineering offices.